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Phone: 0161 864 4093

Q:           Is there a bar?

A:            Yes we have a licensed bar. Hot drinks are also available.


Q:           I am not comfortable joining a class – can I have a One-on-One lesson?

A:            Yes one-to-one lessons are available for individuals or couples – please enquire for further details and availability.


Q:           Do I need dance shoes?

A:            Dance shoes are not a requirement especially for beginners. However if you are dancing regularly they offer great comfort and stability.


Q:           Can pupils gain dance qualifications?

A:            Yes. As we are members of the IDTA, pupils wishing to gain qualifications can enter for medals in Ballroom, Latin American or Disco dancing.


Q:           I have a special occasion coming up and would like to learn a dance for that?

A:            If you have a specific dance in mind then one of our classes may be all you need. However if there is a particular piece of music that you want to dance to then we can arrange private lessons and choreograph a specific dance for you.


Q:           Do I need a partner?

A:            No, both individuals and couples are welcome to join our classes. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to dance with a partner or instructor during the class.


Q:           Do I need to book or commit to a course?

A:            The adult beginners ballroom and latin class is run on a six week course basis. All other classes are drop in - simply come along and see how you get along but beware you will enjoy it and get addicted!


Q:           Is there any age restriction?

A:            We welcome people of any age, dancing is something you can do all your life. We have specific classes for children.


Q:           What should I wear?

A:            Ballroom, Latin American & Modern Sequence Dance classes are fun, sociable occasions. Formal dress is not required – whatever you feel comfortable in. With regards to footwear, we do not recommend trainers, heavy shoes or boots (please consider your partners’ feet!). Dance shoes are ideal if you have them but not necessary.

For the commercial, dinky disco and Fitsteps classes we recommend trainers and comfortable clothing such as tracksuits, leggings etc.


Q:           I have 2 left feet - could I learn to dance?

A:            Anyone can learn to dance - you are just moving to music! We teach you in a simple step by step way and you’ll have fun whilst you’re learning. You may never become the next Fred and Ginger but you will be able to join in the dancing at any social occasion.